PackagingResults: Error: Failed to find device type for <IBCocoaTouchPlatformToolDescription

Can’t package my ios project (UE 4.25 on PC, remote compile over mac), getting this error:

PackagingResults: Error: Failed to find device type for <IBCocoaTouchPlatformToolDescription: 0x7f80ea7a89d0> System content for IBCocoaTouchFramework-fourteenAndLater <IBScaleFactorDeviceTypeDescription: 0x7f80ea7abb90> scaleFactor=2x, renderMode.identifier=(null)

What could this mean?
I need help, pleases, my client switched the project from a high fidelity PC app to a ipad app (ipadpro 2018 gen2) and now I’m fighting with iOS packaging in Unreal and hating it.

I am now having the same issue. Were you able to get it resolved?

Same issue!

We just upgraded from Xcode 11.7 to Xcode 12.4 on our MacOS build machine (build using vcremote).

Was there ever a solution for this? AppStore is requiring the SDK update for game submissions.

Intermediate/IOS/Resources/Assets.xcassets : error : Failed to find device type for <IBCocoaTouchPlatformToolDescription: 0x7febcefb01a0> System content for IBCocoaTouchFramework-fourteenAndLater <IBScaleFactorDeviceTypeDescription: 0x7fec0a4b8db0> scaleFactor=2x, renderMode.identifier=(null)

I’m having the same issue. UE4.27.2, and latest XCode.

Error: Failed to find device type for <IBCocoaTouchPlatformToolDescription: 0x600000bc2120> System content for IBCocoaTouchFramework-fifteenAndLater <IBScaleFactorDeviceTypeDescription: 0x600000bc1ca0> scaleFactor=2x, renderMode.identifier=(null)

Anyone have fix?

Me again! It seems this is related to this:

If you updated XCode on your build Mac while XCode was running, it apparently causes this. Rebooting my Mac, logging back in, and running XCode fixes it.