Hello, can anyone help me…

I have a Level that runs smoothly in the editor but when I package it and try play .exe file it lags, why is this happening

Is the editor resolution the same as the game resolution? It’s possible that it is lagging because your final game is rendering more pixels.
Are you running on the desktop or laptop? It’s possible it’s using integrated graphics instead of the proper gpu.
We would need a bit more info regarding the project.

Hi Krozjin, I didn’t know there may be different settings for running a game in editor and as standalone, where do I check those settings are correct?
I packaged the project and tried it myself on the same desktop as I work on i.e. run the game in editor. But also, I have sent it to a designer, who could not run it neither on his laptop or desktop pc. When I run in editor I have lighting set to epic, and have no problems playing it in the editor, but when I package it it lags bad, then when I changed the lighting to ‘preview’ and packaged, it was running somewhat ok/manageable, but still performance is reduced in comparison to editor. My desktop is Nvidia Quaddro K4200. Thanks.

There’s a dropdown button next to the launch in editor button. Press it and do launch in a new window and full screen it. Give that a try to see if you have the same lag in the editor.

Well, I play it in a standalone window and editor and it’s playing smoothly, only when I press F11 the FPS drops, then I also Launched it as you suggested and the FPS was something not too bad, but not smooth neither…

F11 I believe is the fullscreen option so there are more pixels if you weren’t playing full screen before. This is ideally what you should be testing your performance in. Once you get that smooth 60+ fps then you will most likely be good once you package it.

Yeah. ok. Thanks.