Packaging With Sound Visualization Plug-in UE4.18.1

I’ve got a project that does in fact work in the editor as well as stand-alone (I’m sure that really doesn’t make a difference)

But, when I package the project (Windows 64bit), both functions don’t seem to work (Get Amplitude, Calculate Frequency Spectrum)…

I’m using BP’s to play random .wav files and use the ‘Get Amplitude’ function to drive a variable that in turn rotates a jaw bone (super rudimentary lip sync)…

This is all in UE4.18.1

Also, I’ve done a bit of reading about the plug-in, and I have seen some issues from back in 2014… But seeing as how this plug-in shipped with UE4 I just figured they had worked the kinks out…
Can anyone shed some light for me on the matter? I’m just curious if I’m building something wrong, or if its just known that this plug-in doesn’t built…

Cheers all,

p.s. I see that this may be answered before… but I also do know a little bit of C++ so if this plug-in is a bust and I have to write my own thing here any resources would be appreciated!

Hi Black Fleet,

If you’re using the New Audio Engine, you can just use a OnAudioEnvelopeValue Event for your Audio Component instead of the Sound Visualization Plug-in.

Hey, @dan.reynolds I can’t find such events on Audio Component. Using 4.18 with new audio engine.
Also can’t find in the audio component’s code.
Screenshot shows my available events.

Also… Is there replacement for Calculate Frequency Spectrum from Sound Visualization plugin?
Is On Audio Multi Envelope Value is something like this? I just making wild guess here since this we really need production-ready way to get frequency spectrum :slight_smile:

me too. I’m not found dan.reynolds’s]( event. T.T

Heheh, sorry folks, this is coming in 4.19! If you want to check it out sooner than later, you can hit up the Master branch on our Github which is 4.19-ish.

Good news: 4.19 Preview is here, so events too :slight_smile:

Bad news: I’m not sure how to make it works :wink:

  1. Simply dropped wave on map. Audio actor has been automatically created, activated automatically while starting game.
  2. I tried to simply print playback percent from level blueprint. I’m simply binding event on Begin Play (see screenshot).
    It doesn’t work, event attached to delegate never fires… What I should change here to make it work?

And the second thing…
@dan.reynolds, answer here would be really appreciated :slight_smile:
It looks like On Audio Envelope Value should give amplitude value (as “replacement” for Sound Visualization method), right?
What with replacement for Calculate Frequency Spectrum?

Looks like there’s an issue with the delegates being assigned that way currently, try it this way:

None of those components do what its been requested here, anyone got it working?