Packaging up the game in a minimalist fashion[How?]

I’m barely a third of the way through my game and I wanted to do a test packaging of my game and it packaged up at 1.1Gb. Whoa.

Now I know I have added the GT materials, and the starter stuff, and not certain which bits (from memory) that I utilise which would very quickly add lots of Mb’s to the end result.

My question is: How do I best go about minimising the package size, without a sort of trial and error of removing/re-adding stuff? Is there a nice or established or logical way of doing this?


I personally always exclude the starter content, because without that I just have 69 mb in the shooter template :slight_smile:

From my experience you need to plan from the very start about not including anything you don’t need. Even if stuff isn’t used it still ends up packaged.

Also are you baking any lightmaps (using static/stationary lights and “building” the level?) because those can be VERY big

If you package the game WITHOUT the .pak function, it’ll package everything as individual files and then you can use something like windirstat (or even just windows explorer) to go through and see what files are making that size. You might find they are massive lightmaps - in which case either use lower lightmap resolutions or not baked lighting - or perhaps they are content you’re not even using. Or if you’re unlucky it’s just a lot of little things adding up to a big number.

Good luck

This is my first UE project so I needed any extra stuff I could get my hands on, to learn from.

As I get experience yes I will likely be able to plan ahead and not include stuff.