Packaging Unknown Error



I was trying to build my first project (Development Settigns) and got an Error, that tells me absolutely nothing. :smiley:
Maybe someone can help me?
I tried already re-verifying the engine version (4.11.2). Is there anything else, I have to do?
I just installed Visual Studio community2015.

Thanks in advance!

This line from your logs may be pertinent:

 UnrealBuildTool: ERROR: Windows SDK v8.1 must be installed in order to build this target.

Presumably you’re trying to build a Windows app and missing that particular prerequisite in your environment?

Thanks for your quick answer! I will look into that.

So I installed the Windows SDK, reinstalled Visual Studio (C++ was missing from my first installation), now I get this error. LOG

Just a little side note: Could it be, that the Audio Visualization Plugin is causing problems? Because I am using that in the project and I’ve heard that there have been packaging problems, but I thought they were sorted out with newer versions of the engine.

This looks more like a simple case of your filenames being too long!

From the logs:

PackagingResults:Error: Error Error Couldn't save package, filename is too long: G:/Unreal Projects/<SNIPPED FOR BREVITY>FireShot_Scre...

Just use a shorter root directory like G:\Build\

So the filenames being too long was a reason for the project not packaging. No it packaged an everything worked fine. Thanks for the help.
Only problems are the Sound Visualizations Plugin by Epic, which doesn’t work in packaged builds. :frowning: Will try to port to exi’s Plugin. And some textures were heavily compressed. But that should be just a thing of turning of mipmaps, I think.