Packaging tries to package the wrong project


I have an unusual issue where when I try to package one project, it fails, and the logs are indicating it is failing because it’s trying to package the wrong project. This started occurring after downloading the first-person shooter demo project via the Launcher, and even though the engine version for the project I’m trying to package is compiled from a different source revision, it is trying to package the shooter game.

What’s happening, why, and how can I fix this?



Howdy ,

Thank you reporting this issue. I am going to need a bit more information from you before I begin looking into this issue. Would you be able to clarify which version of UE4 you are currently using when seeing this error, and is that version a binary build or a source build? Could you also attach your logs to this thread where you are seeing the error occur?

Would there be a couple of steps that I may use to recreate this issue internally?

Any additional information would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks and have a great day!

I’m working with an existing source build of 4.6, the shooter game demo is downloaded via the launcher and installed into the working Unreal Engine directory.

Simply going to package an existing project, it will fail due to attempting to do something with the shooter game demo.

Examining the logs suggests to me that it is trying to include the ShooterGame project whilst doing so for target platforms. I’ve noticed that ShooterGame is the only project with a .Automation.csproj and that none of the other game projects include one - I’m assuming that this has been picked up incorrectly by an automated process?

Deleting the shooter game project from disk alleviates the issue, but the moment it is put back, packaging no longer works!

Log file attached.


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Hey -

Are you packaging your project for windows or for another machine/device? Do you receive the same error in your logs if you try packaging the project with the binary version or with the source version of 4.6.1? Is your project saved in the same location as the engine install or is it saved in another location (such as the default “MyDocuments” folder)? Where was ShooterGame saved when downloaded?


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This is packaging for Windows 64-bit, and we’re only using the source version, not the binary (the project cannot be built in the binary version due to engine changes). The project is indeed saved in the same location as the engine install, as are all other demo projects downloaded via the launcher - I’m running the demo projects from our source version and not the binary.



I’m still having trouble reproducing this issue. Is it a game created with the demo that is saved in the same folder or is it the actual downloaded demo itself? If you move either the project you’re trying to package or the demo to another folder can you package then?

Let me know you can think of any other information you think might me relevant to the issue.

Hey mate,
You should not have that csproj file. That is what the issue is.
In saying that I don’t know how it got there in the first place. Perhaps it was generated from an old build?

Thanks - I expected the file was the problem. I assume it should be safe to just delete it?

Hey -

You should be okay to git rid of the file. I would take the safe route and simply remove it (to the desktop or somewhere) and make sure everything still works before deleting it completely.