Packaging to Win 32bits is disabled


I’m developing my game with a 64bits machine, and I saw that the option to pack to win32bits is disabled. Is there anyway to turn it on or migrate my project to be able to pack in 32bits?

Thank you!

Do you have any bineries in for Win32 in engine directory? if not you will need to build Win32 UE4 from the source. Keep in mind Win32 build don’t have editor.

I don’t know how to do that…
How do I know if I have those binaries, and how to put them there?
If I don’t have the editor I won’t be able to pack my game.
There is any tutorial for this?

Solved! Thank you so much! =]

I just tested this through 4.3.1 downloaded from the Launcher.

For some reason the 64-bit game executable included is for debug and the 32-bit game executable is for shipping.

Under File->Package Project->Build Configuration if you change from Development to Shipping you will be able to build for 32-bit.

If you would like 32-bit and 64-bit build options for both development and shipping you will have to build from source and not use the Launcher version of the engine.