Packaging to iOS: UATHelper Failed to Code Sign

I’m designing an educational app for kidney disease patients as part of my Capstone project. I’m fairly new to using UE and would really appreciate any help with this issue. My provisional profile and certificate are both valid, for distribution, and are connected with my Apple Developer account. I have the build configuration set to ‘shipping’ and “For Distribution” is checked. When I select ‘package to iOS,’ it loads for a while but I eventually get an error with UATHelper failing to Code Sign. I’ve also been having to open the certificates and provisions within XCode first to get UE to mark the provision as valid. Currently have 4.25.4. Please help and thanks in advance!

Output Log

Not sure if this has been approved or not but still really need help!

Blank projects will not package and produce the same error of UAT not being able to codesign and the AutomationTool being unable to run successfully. I also can’t get UE4 to recognize that a device is plugged in so I’m unable to launch to a device for testing. XCode can detect/launch to my phone just fine.