Packaging to Android

I don’t know what is wrong here so I need help ;-

UATHelper: Packaging (Android (All)): ==== Writing new file to C:\Users\User\Desktop\Tyko Fill project\Intermediate/Android/APK\src\com\epicgames\ue4\ ====
UATHelper: Packaging (Android (All)): UEDeployAndroid.MakeApk:
UATHelper: Packaging (Android (All)): Copying new .so D:\EU 4.16.2\UE_4.16\Engine\Binaries\Android\ file to jni folder…
UATHelper: Packaging (Android (All)): UEDeployAndroid.RunCommandLineProgramWithException: Preparing native code for debugging…
UATHelper: Packaging (Android (All)): Program.Main: ERROR: AutomationTool terminated with exception: ERROR: D:/Nvidia Android/android-ndk-r12b/ndk-build.cmd failed with args APP_ABI="armeabi-v7a " NDK_DEBUG=1
UATHelper: Packaging (Android (All)): Program.Main: AutomationTool exiting with ExitCode=1 (Error_Unknown)
UATHelper: Packaging (Android (All)): BUILD FAILED
PackagingResults:Error: Error Unknown Error