Packaging taking forever!

Well i trying to pack a game but i waiting 24h and still building it wtf ? i use 4.9 version

how big is the project and is it c++ or bp?
I have a 5 gb project wich takes 2 hours with a 8gigs machine. So you can reverse math your time

This also depends on your system specs, my old system could take hours packaging, while my current system would only take 25 minutes at most.


My project have c++ and blueprints 22.7 gigs

Well. then it sure will take alot of time ^^ And your macine is very slow.
So dont worry and go to sleep :3 it will be finished when you awake

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Well that is not ok for the engine they shell do something about this to make easyer to pack game and publish what if i had made a game and i cant **** pack it xD

Yea they SHELL definitly start doing something about that…

Just get a new machine and size down the project… tho i assume you are not a long time in UE4.

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Well i will be but they need to do something about this like unity have they packing only what is in Build List not all project in the folder jesus

Your PC is not really suitable for serious game development, even mine is just barely suitable, and it is worth $1500.

Well i am sry for u with that money i can get PC build a time machine here xD do u know how many out there right now they making big games and dont know that they cant pack it because we dont have a good pc well that is a shame for EPIC but with unity i can pack even if a have 50 gigs of project well what i can say is it hard to pack ? Let Ziprar show them how to compress and pack a file maybe they came with something

The fact of the matter is, UE4 is geared more towards AAA in my opinion, and requires more power than an Intel Pentium can offer. It isn’t UE4’s fault, you need lots of processing power to package something.

I can build but i cant pack it what is the deal then making it in first place

Packaging is the process of compressing, moving, and doing all sorts of things to files. The less processing power you have, the longer it will take, just like how I will be able to extract an archive much faster than you simply because I have higher specs.

Well there is some one helping i dont want a hole FOLDER in ue to be packed i want just a game out not all what i dont have in the game :confused:

OK first, you have a $50 CPU, and its a dual core to boot. epic recommends minimum quad core @ 3.5 GHz, so you have under 1/2 the performance needed. I’m not trying to be elitist here, but you seem to expect epic to work miracles. 4 GB RAM. that’s gonna get used up just running windows and launching the engine, then when you hit package, all the info that gets packed cant be stored in ram, it will get paged to your single, slow, mechanical drive. 23 GB of assets? what? are you making a AAA game with 10+ levels? because that’s the kind of game 23 GB would use, id say you need to seriously start house keeping, its not epics fault you have just added every asset you can find to your project.

in short, your pc does NOT meet the recommended specs outlined by epic, and is not suited to develop games on. the engine may run, but not well. there’s a reason for signs on roller-coasters “you must be this tall to ride”. you cant blame epic for you own pc shortcomings.

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