PACKAGING successful but OLD preset loads!?

When i package my project it says: packaging successfull…
But when i start the game, it is the old firstperson preset level that loads!!!?
I tried different approaches - i started a new level, but still its the old last used preset that loads when i load
the exe file…

In the editor i can easily play around… it just seems kind og locked or something???

Hi skarnage,

Are you still seeing this issue? Have you updated to the newest version of the editor? We are at 4.7.4 now.

If you update and you are still seeing this issue, here is one thing to try. There may be old data that has not gotten properly deleted at some point, and here is what to delete to try and fix that. In the Engine folder, delete the DDC (Derived Data Cache). In your project, delete the Intermediate, the Saved, and the Binary folders.

When you next try to package it will take considerably longer as the shaders will need to newly compile, but this should get rid of any old or corrupted files that haven’t gotten deleted.

Thanks very much!