Packaging successful but built executable crashes

Hi all,

I’m currently working on a project and have been trying to package for a few weeks now.
When I package the project I get the success message in the output log, but when I run the executable it immediately crashes and shows the Unreal Crash Report box.
I have tried looking through the Log and there are a few things that jump out. The first is this section:

LogInit:Display: Project file not found: ../../../TestProject/TestProject.uproject
LogInit:Display: 	Attempting to find via project info helper.

and the second is this:

[2017.08.08-09.16.37:914][  0]LogOutputDevice:Error: Ensure condition failed: AxisKey.IsFloatAxis() [File:D:\Build\++UE4+Release-4.16+Compile\Sync\Engine\Source\Runtime\Engine\Classes\Components/InputComponent.h] [Line: 414]

[2017.08.08-09.16.37:917][  0]LogStats:                SubmitErrorReport -  0.000 s
[2017.08.08-09.16.38:054][  0]OCULUS: Error: ovr_SubmitFrame called with unrecognized frameIndex (2). Make sure it matches a frameIndex value passed to ovr_GetPredictedDisplayTime
[2017.08.08-09.16.38:054][  0]LogStats:                    SendNewReport -  0.137 s

Any help with this would be much appreciated. With a looming deadline I’m starting to get a bit concerned!

Full Log

Hi, Yes it’s intended for VR. I tried disabling the plugin but there are too many dependencies to test with non-VR.
I could try a blank project with the oculus plugin enabled and see if I can narrow it down.

The error seems to point to Oculus, is this a VR game, any chance you could just disable the oculus plugin if not, see what happens?

I’m seeing the same behavior. Runs on HTC Vive just fine though.

Hey, sorry to revive this post but did you find a solution ?