Packaging specific maps within a project

When packaging projects for UDK, we were able to select specific maps to be included in the package - is it possible to do something similar in Rocket, including only the maps that we specify?

Second to this, is it possible to only include asset files relevant to the maps being packaged and strip away anything not being used? This feature would come in handy when it comes to keeping file sizes down in a final build.

You can define what to cook by editing DefaultEditor.ini.

For example, if you wanted to cook only the Highrise and Entry maps for ShooterGame, it would look like this:



However, be aware that if map xyz.umap is referenced in some way by abc.umap, then xyz will always be cooked if abc is on the maps list. At least this is the case for streaming levels: even though I only asked to cook Highrise, the engine automatically cooked Highrise’s streaming levels.

So if the map you don’t want to cook is being cooked, and it’s not listed on DefaultEditor.ini, then it’s probably referenced somewhere by some other cooked content.

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#Packaging Only Certain Maps

You could just temporarily remove any maps for your Content/Maps folder you dont want included in the packaging

#Stripping UAssets Out

“Second to this, is it possible to only include asset files relevant to the maps being packaged and strip away anything not being used?”

To my knowledge this is what packaging already does! That at least has been my impression given that my package game sizes are always way smaller :slight_smile:


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Thanks as always for the quick reply. I’ve just done a quick test by removing my .umap files from the maps folder. Packaging seems to be much quicker, but the resulting file size seems to be the same. Perhaps you have a different workflow which is excluding any files you dont need? I’m packaging the project from the editor with “development” settings, NOT using a PAK file.


I was not thinking that map files were that big in size, I was thinking of assets themselves like textures.

The packaging process already takes into account when assets like textures are not used, I believe.

Regarding only including certain maps, removing the umaps from content folder should accomplish this yes?

Removing the .umaps from the content folder does remove them from the packaged file, however, it appears that assets related to these maps are still being packaged.

For example, map xyz.umap is using some textures from the texture folder, map abc.umap is using some different textures from the texture folder. If I package the project with only xyz.umap, it appears to package both the textures being used by xyz and by abc (even though the latter has been removed from the content folder). Does this make sense?

ahhh okay I see now


I think the Epic Devs will have to tell you how to resolve referencing issues to maps that are being moved out of content folder.

Good luck!

The behavior may have changed recently, but I can confirm that in 4.5.1 that packaging includes all of your content regardless of any maps. Moving or deleting maps doesn’t change the included pak file contents.

This works great in 4.5.

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This is an archived post from pre-launch. I am closing this thread as outdated.