Packaging Size For People Using Marketplace Content

Just a suggestion for something I feel should be added in as a feature of Unreal Engine 4. I’ll start it with the fact that I love this engine and everything it has to offer, but one thing I feel should be fixed/added is a feature to help (mostly people who use content packs from the market place) reduce file size. The problem is that when packaging, everything from the content browser is packed into the game. I feel like packaging should ONLY package assets that are actually being used in the project as this would help reduce the file size greatly and ensure that the project creator won’t have to spend weeks removing non-used assets from their game. It would really be great for those who prefer to purchase assets from the market place because most of the time, not all the assets purchased are used and they just end up wasting space, especially if the content packs are large. Anyone agree?

The “-UWrangleContentCommandlet” command should actually cleanup unused content. But it doesn’t seem to work though, I tried it a long time ago. The only other way beside simply deleting stuff manually is to migrate your maps to a new project. Then everything relevant will be copied over: