Packaging seems to be stuck

Hi, I’ve been packaging this game for 18h now and it doesn’t seem to be doing anything right now. It’s 3.9g so I don’t think it’s supposed to take that long. I took a screenshot of the log if it can help.

I have 2 new errors coming from my ABP_TP that weren’t there yesterday. I can’t seem to bind my animations to my character blueprint, but everything works in simulations. Now I can’t save my animation blueprint nor my character blueprint and the packaging is stuck in a loop.

I cancelled the packaging, saved everything and tried again, after a minute I get a packaging failed: Incompatible or missing module: UE4Editor-Proving_Grounds.dll. Is there a way I can verify my .dll file without crashing everything. I am not advanced in those things and would rather follow someones advice than adventure myself blindly.