Packaging Results Error: Unknown Error

Dear readers of the Unreal forum and other,

At the moment I am creating a survival game with another artist. We started 2 months ago and made an an alpha version of the artwork project and an alpha version of the programmer work (blueprints) project. We also got a version where the artwork project has been build and version where the artwork and the game are merged together.

There are two main problems. The first problem is that the merged project version can’t be build. The second one is that I have difficulties with developing a basic crafting system. I’ve opened another thread for the second problem ( How can I call my Inventory array struct properly? - Editor Scripting - Epic Developer Community Forums ).

To explain the first problem I have made a small list that shows the different aspects.

Unkown Error
These aspects, Can possibly be related to: file structure of our project, the absence of the editor symbols for debugging tool and the lack of knowledge.
the cause of the unknown error may be related the folder structure of the project folder from the programmer version of the project.

We failed to create a merged version of the game were all the content(programmer assets only) config, build, binaires, Intermediate, Saved, Source and the project file were attempted to builded.

The copied files from the original location were compressed when merged with artist project folder.

Has anyone got an idea how to solve this problems or simular cases where you or your group have encountered problems that are stated above?

If someone needs any more information about how I made this project, don’t hesitate to ask. Any feedback at this particular moment is welcome.


Thank you for your detailed post. In order to assist you further, could you please upload the packaging logs as a .txt file to your next reply?


Thanks for your notice.

I wasn’t aware of the existence of a log until yesterday. Since my last packaging was a couple of days ago, I’ll repackage tomorrow and post the errors only on this post to minimize the size.

anyway, here are the error logs I found:
LogBlueprint:Error: [compiler CheckList] Error The current value (/Game/FirstPersonCPP/Blueprints/Items/Alluminium.Alluminium_C) of the ’ Class ’ pin is invalid: /Game/FirstPersonCPP/Blueprints/Items/Alluminium.Alluminium_C isn’t a valid subclass of ItemMaster_C (specified on pin Class)

LogBlueprint:Error: [compiler CheckList] Error The current value (/Game/FirstPersonCPP/Blueprints/Items/Cloth.Cloth_C) of the ’ Class ’ pin is invalid: /Game/FirstPersonCPP/Blueprints/Items/Cloth.Cloth_C isn’t a valid subclass of ItemMaster_C (specified on pin Class)

LogBlueprint:Error: [compiler MyHUD] Error The current value (/Game/FirstPersonCPP/Blueprints/Items/Alluminium.Alluminium_C) of the ’ Class ’ pin is invalid: /Game/FirstPersonCPP/Blueprints/Items/Alluminium.Alluminium_C isn’t a valid subclass of ItemMaster_C (specified on pin Class)

Make sure that you post the entire log as a .txt file. You can upload it with your next response.

The errors that you posted above point towards your blueprints. Look at the class pin for Alluminium.Alluminium_C because it’s not a valid subclass of ItemMaster_C. The class pin is also invalid for Cloth.Cloth_C and it’s not a valid subclass of ItemMaster_C either.

[link text][1]
Dear ,
Here It is. It’s a .log file, but notepad can open it. Thumbs up if you find the issue.
Also, I resolved the 3 issues stated above, but I still get the package error: unknown error. So, maybe the problem lies elsewhere.
Let me know when you need additional information.


Update: I’ve resolved 1 problem. The SkeletalMeshComponent of the character wasn’t working. So I made a new firstpersoncharacter problem and copied the old blueprints with it from my previous project.

When I’m done with this phase, I’ll post the next error.log file :smiley:
Because I assume that my classes still need some proper maintaince after that due to my experience.

Hope that helps.



Did you resolve your issue associated with the log: myshooterproject_2.log from 2 days ago?



The new error log is the same as the one from 2 days ago. However, the messages regarding the skeletal mesh component are gone.

Sincerely, :smiley:


p.s. I will bring an update of my progress tomorrow after looking into another warning message:
[2016.04.16-12.39.42:675][ 0]LogDerivedDataCache: Unable to find inner node Pak for hierarchical cache Hierarchy.

Also, I still need to finish up rebuilding my new project to the point of my old one. Maybe I’ll manage to resolve more problems with that. Looking at the log, I think the other errors from 2 days ago are all related to the skeletal mesh error.

Dear ,

After recycling my old project, building my project for windows and refreshing visual studio: I managed to package my project succesfully for the first time!
Thanks for your help.


Hey Babipangpang,

Your logs did not upload, could you please provide them to me once again? It looks like maybe you deleted the file path that’s included at the bottom of the comment.