Packaging Results Error: Error Unknown Cook Failure (Please Help Me)?

Hello, please can i have some help, i keep running into this problem every time i try to package my project in Unreal Engine 4.11.2.

PackagingResults:Error: Error Unknown Cook Failure

I’d appreciate any help asap, thank you!

attach your logs

link text

are you able to package a blank project?

yes, i just tested it and a blank project packages all good

first of all look for any extra map in content folder and delete them(starter content’s map or…)

then go to projectSetting>Packaging>list of maps to include in a package build> then add your map or maps to that list.

after that package again and send your logs If fails to package

i have added all the maps to the list and have removed extra maps such as the starter content and it still doesn’t work link text

LogPackageName:Error: DoesPackageExist: DoesPackageExist FAILED: ‘/Game/Levels/Falling/Crash/Crash Scene/Green’ is not a standard unreal filename or a long path name

Not sure but: make sure your default level/map is correctly set edit > project settings > Game Default Map
Also check if your gamemode is assigned (Default gamemode).

I hope this helps

i did this, im afraid it didn’t help :frowning:

does this asset exist in the same path as warning says

Can’t find file for asset '/Game/Levels/Falling/Crash/Crash Scene/Green’

there is a blank space here Crash Scene correct it.
blank spaces are illegal

there is a dot here Green.. ‘.’ is illegal in names

Did you change any file/folder name from outside the editor?

for the crash scene, i have always named it Crash_Scene, i have changed it now to CrashScene.

As for the Green. i never included a ‘.’ after the name, unless i missed it somewhere and i cant find it

nothing else is catching my eyes in your logs. it will be fine after correcting those names

would you know how to get to the right path, i believe i’m on the wrong on, i can get to one leading MindGames(Finished)\MindGames(UpToDate)\Content\Levels\Falling\Crash\CrashScene

i dont know how to get to it from game/levels/Falling/Crash/Crash Scene/Green

if that makes sense?

and do what this warning says

Found ambiguous file name for ‘Information’. Returning ‘C:/Users/Aaron/Desktop/FMP Submission/MindGames(Finished)/MindGames(UpToDate)/Content/Levels/information.uasset’, but could also be ‘C:/Users/Aaron/Desktop/FMP Submission/MindGames(Finished)/MindGames(UpToDate)/Content/Maps/Information.umap’.

what would i do about that? because they are called the same, i have just renamed the asset to InformationImage

right click on an asset and choose show in explorer

its just greyed out :confused: either way though, after changing the crashscene name, it has decided to allow the project to be packaged all good, i really appreciate your time and help, this is for a final submission so i really appreciate it :smiley: