Packaging Project requires Visual Studio??

Recently built a new project in Unreal Studio but when I try to package it up, it says I need to install Visual Studio.

I’m pretty sure the last time I packaged a project for Windows it just worked without the need for VS.

Is this a new thing (using latest version 4.21.2) or is there something from one of the templates that requires VS2017?

Only thing I think I did differently this time is I use the Unreal Studio > Multi-User Viewer template.

Thanks in advance.

I’ve been having the same issues with the Multi-User Viewer template (running version 4.22.2), installed Visual studio community 2019 which still came up with the error so went back and added the following Workloads to Visual Studio “Desktop development with C++” and “Game Development with C++” and now unreal packaging works again. This was very much a guess on which Visual Studio Workloads to load in but if it works it works :slight_smile: