Packaging project problem!

Packaging is going fine (WITH NO ANY ERRORS), but I can not open an exe file then! I click on it, but it going to loading forever (it even wont close with ctrl+alt+del). I found that there is a same problem could be if you going to package an example project with NO starter content (after building it going to loading exe file forever same like my project do). If you going to package example project WITH STARTER CONTENT everything going just fine! Why it is ike that? How could I fix my project?

P.S: I had started with empty project using blueprints. Project packaging going fine with no any errors. My project work fine in editor. I can launch it as windows-no-editor through project louncher - it’s work!

Make sure you set your settings correct.
Project settings → Maps & Modes.
This sounds more like a bug. do you have the same problem if you package a project with a diffrent engine version?

Settings is correct: I have only one map and one mode (they choosen in a settings). Unfortunately, I can’t try it on elder version (because it do not open a newer version project). I will try to move it manualy (create a new project on an eler version and move the files)