Packaging project in unreal engine 4.8 for windows taking forever.pls help!

I have ue 4.8 and i am trying to package a project with just a floor and a chair on it with first person movements to test out packaging. when i package a project for windows 32 or 64 bits its showing packaging project windows 32 bit and takes forever. i dont have microsoft visual studio since i am using blueprints only. I actually installed unreal engine on G drive, due to some reasons i copied from G drive to C drive and uninstalled UE4 in G drive and i am using the unreal engine from c drive. Is this causing the problem?

I am not sure if the things you mentioned could be the problem, but last time I had a packaging problem was, when I added a lot of sample folders to the contentbrowser. If you want to package fast you need to keep the content you added in your contentbrowser at minimum. Try to make a new project just with the startercontent and the components you use.

The packaging process can take a while, because it will package all your files. So as mrbarti mentioned, just delet the unused content packs :slight_smile:

@Rohit Rohit: How long is forever?

On my game it takes about 30 to 45 minutes to package for Linux and Windows each time … the total game folder size is about 580MB. The more content you have the longer it will take to package.

You can check the cook.txt log to get an idea of what it’s doing. As other people have said though, it can take a good little while. My game takes ten minutes or so on a pretty speedy machine.

this is my first time packaging the project and it is taking 2 hours and still didnt pack

-what are your pc specs?
-does it also take so long when you package a “fresh” project? :slight_smile: