Packaging Project "Help"! How to do it right? Not Loading next maps?

Greetings Folks!

I have a minor problem with “Package Project!”…

The Packging runs smoth and fast, no error messages, but when I run the game project…

It seems to only pack ONE map “the main map”, exemple: when I give the “main menu” map as default, the menu works fine, except for starting game “loading map!”…

When I make the starting map as “default map”, map works fine, execpt it does not load “main menu” and does not load next map!!!

It seems that I am missing something maybe in the setup!? Cause in the editor everything works fine, even in “stanalone game” mode it works fine!

Can someone please give any hints on this problem!?


I have also have problems with couple projects of mine. When packaking it comes no errors/warnings, but automationtool was unable to run succesfully. 2 2d game I have get packaged succesfully, but not 3d shooter project, I would pay someone little if get help

ok in the packaging setting you can click the little triangle at the bottom to open the advance section, here you can add extra maps or assets that need to be packaged with your game
here’s a quick video which should help you out


Thank you Mr. Geodav for your feedback and knowhow! :slight_smile: