Packaging problems: Legacy UReflectionCaptureComponent and missing uasset

I’m just learning UE, and, after creating a simple level, I tried packaging. I was presented with MANY yellow warnings and MANY red errors. It failed.

So, I created a new UE project. It packaged and ran without problem.

Then, I added the “Environment_Set” assets from the Marketplace to my project and repackaged it. Again, I received lots of yellow warnings, most of which read: “PackagingResults: Warning: /Game/Environment_Set/Maps/Environment_Set_Map contains a legacy UReflectionCaptureComponent and is being non-deterministically cooked - please resave the asset and recook.

There were also a number of warnings that read: "PackagingResults: Warning: Failed to load ‘…/…/…/…/…/…/Unreal Projects/PackagingTest/Content/Environment_Set/Environment/Foliage/Models/M_branch_simonii.uasset’: Can’t find file for asset ‘/Game/Environment_Set/Environment/Foliage/Materials/M_branch_simonii’ while loading …/…/…/…/…/…/Unreal Projects/PackagingTest/Content/Environment_Set/Environme

Can anyone give me some guidance as to how to fix these warnings? Also, is this the correct forum for these types of questions? Thanks, in advance, for your help and suggestions.

I got same issue here… :frowning: