Packaging problem

sorry guys i know its not the good sections but i need some help :

i wanted to know if some of you have problem to package their project.
we usualy just export images or video sequence, but know that we work for VR, we tried to package for windows and everytime it’s failed.
i search on forum and youtube video but i don’t find any good solution.
Is there a chance that microsoft visual studio make some problem with packaging.

What is your best advice to make a good package.
i even tried on a blacnk scene and it failed.

hoep you could help me.

Usually I untick all the platform support I don’t need and I think it helps. By default they’re all ticked on. Dunno if it really helps but I feel like it has done a difference in the past. I also get random fails once in a while.

But you do need to have microsoft visual studio installed to package. Maybe upgrade to the latest VS supported by ue4.