Packaging problem

We using Http Chunk install in our game, when packing in 4.10 all ok, when packing in 4.12 in ipa file we had new folder OnDemandResources and there second chunk. =\ How i can disable package second chunk in IPA?

So in xproject ‘Enable On Demand Resources’ set as ‘NO’, but UE4 still pack in IPA that folder and OnDemandResources.plist, AssetPackManifest.plist. Why?

What are the exact steps you’re taking to package your project? Have you tested this in 4.13 yet?

Looking forward to hearing back from you, thanks!

So i just use Use packs without chunk for this time it fix it, but i get new problem. =
When packaged for IOS,and game runs on device, we get exc_bad_access code=2 in StaticFindObjectFastInternalThreadSafe, and game had crashed. Any solutions?

UPDATED: In Windows build All work fine =\

If your new issue is not the same as the old issue, we must ask that you post your new issue on another AnswerHub thread for additional assistance. We must keep all issues separated so that they’re easier to locate for other users who may run into the same issue.

Please let me know whether or not this is the same issue as previously.


Not same, so mark this thread as solved, and I create a new one with new problem.

Thanks! :slight_smile: