Packaging problem

I don’t know if this is the right place to put this thread, so I ask sorry for that. On Unreal Engine 4.15 I was able to package any blueprint project without problems but in 4.17 it asks me for Visual Studio to package (I installed 4.17 from Launcher), also VR Preview works perfect on 4.15 but 4.17 is all greyed out and does not recognize my Headset. I have both versions installed and when I switch back to 4.15 all works perfect both VR Preview and packaging, but problems come on 4.17. Thanks.

Since nobody answered I would like to say that I found the workaround. For Unreal Engine 4.17 you need to install the SteamVR over 1.48 (I updated to 1.50) that will solve the problem with VR Preview. For the compilation problem, it was caused by a plugin, just disable it and Unreal will no longer ask you for Visual Studio.