Packaging problem - UE asking for visual studio?

Hi all!

So I was going to try to package a version of my game to send to some friends, I have only done this once before but that time things went smooth, now UE wants me to install Visual studio. I don’t think I had that installed the last time either. Does anyone know why this happens? I have FMOD-plugin and the destructable mesh plugin. Could that be making the problem?

Thanks for any insight!

Both plugins most likely… But the Destructible Mesh plugin for sure sadly…
DM’s were part of the Core Engine up to 4.18… But now they’re separate.
If there’s a workaround for packaging w/o Visual Studio, I haven’t found it…
So, so much for creating true Blueprints-only projects anymore. Its a PITA!

Oh that is a bummer… I did some trial and error on the plugins like you said and it seems that FMOD is the one stopping it from going thru. I have all my sound running thru there so that sucks. There is a option in the plugin-tab to “package”, not really sure what that does I can’t find any documentation on it. Is the packaging with VS really involved?

Thanks for the heads up Clavos!

Hm… So I installed Visual Studio but UE does not seem to register that, I guess I have to do some diving into the documentation.

Okay! So if anyone else has the same issues as my further down the line here is what happened and how I solved it:

  1. UE4 wanted me to get Visual Studio 2017 in order to pack the game. I went and got the 2019-version. That was a mistake, I would later find out that you need the 2017 version in order to pack with FMOD(as far as I can tell).
  2. The game would not pack because I had a fmod-file with an “&”-character inside of the file name. Easy fix.
  3. The game still did not want to pack because some material with missing files in them. Removed those since I was not even using them.
  4. When I finally got a working package the game was missing all of the FMOD audio. The fix was to “validate FMOD” in the UE4 help Menu.

I am glad I am finally got this sorted, as someone that is just a few months in to making games and UE I have now learned that I need to take all warnings when compiling and building seriously if I want to be able to pack. Hope this is helpful to anyone else. Cheers!

^^^^ I like this guy ^^^^
welcome to the dark side of game dev debugging! and kuddos for a: being able to solve your problem and b: postng the solution!