Packaging not working

So this morning my packaging was working fine. then when i went to do another test all of a sudden i get a failed to launch unreal automation tool (UAT)! theres no error message just instant fail an thats i read a few things on the forums an tried the following.

uninstalled an reinstalled visual studio uninstalled an reinstalled unreal engine 4

an im still getting the same thing. i been at this for about 7 hours now an i cant seem to get it to work im using the installer version of unreal engine 4

i really could use some help on this one cause im at a complete loss


i do get this line at the end of the start up of the editor

<Error><Code>AccessDenied</Code><Message>Access Denied</Message><RequestId>***</RequestId><HostId>***</HostId></Error>

Please post this at AnswerHub, either create a new post there or add to that link you provided if you think it’s the same issue. I’m closing this thread.