Packaging my game Launches the Browser?

This is so strange. When I try to package my game for windows (32 or 64) it does nothing and instead launches my web browser with the home page for the UE4 documentation on it. (Exactly as if I had pressed F1)

This has never happened before. But why might it be happening?

It happend to me as well. Its because you have packaged your project wrong.

can you provide some screenshots to show how you are actually doing it.

That’s very nondescript. I’m not doing anything different to what I normally do. It’s the same project that I have Packaged before, it’s just that for some reason it’s doing this strange thing. What could I possibly be doing wrong for it to cause this?

I’m not at my desk again until Monday, but all I am literally doing is going to: File > Package > Windows 32/64 (Neither works). What it does it just launch the Documentation, the same way as if you had just pressed F1.
This isn’t any different to how I have done it the past 5 years. The only thing that changed is that I am now using 4.23.

Well firstly no need to down vote me im just trying to help. Have you followed some tutorial or documents how to package project? Have you accepted SDK license?
Well its very unlikely that ist problem of engine. And i can agree with Jack some screenshots would help a lot.

I rate comments purely based on how useful they are. If it’s a helpful response that works towards the solution with good information, I’ll happily up-vote it. If it doesn’t add anything or doesn’t contain any useful information I down-vote it. And the response of: You are just doing something wrong, fits very well into the latter. It’s not personal, that’s just what the system is for.

And as I have mentioned, I have done this a lot of times before. I know how to do it, since all that I needed to do before was just click the package button. It doesn’t give me any errors, it just throws up the documentation with no context. It’s so strange that it seems like a bug. But I’m sure there is something unusual happening.
I haven’t accepted any additional SDK licences, since I am not using any for this project. I accept licences when I need to do android builds, but since this is just a bog standard Windows build, I shouldn’t need to do that, unless this is some sort of new thing that has come around since 4.23

Well fair enough, but what you expect im gonna answer you on question : " But why might it be happening?" you didnt provide any additional infromations so of course i needed to know what you tried before so my question was on point. And as i said it i had same issue when i was trying to package my mobile game and it was happening due to wrong package from my side.

I explained the whole process from start to finish. It’s a simple problem with an unclear solution. I can’t add any more information from what was stated since there is no other information.
I pressed the build button > instead of it building it launched the documentation. There is nothing more for me to explain.
You were building an Android product. You need SDKs for that but you don’t for a windows Build. Your solution is not the same as mine, because we aren’t doing the same thing. Your opening comment certainly wasn’t “on point”. In the future just explain what you think the solution is. I’ll remove the down-vote since you did actually go on to try to provide a solution. But just open with that next time.

Well, i dont know where is problem then. I wish you best of luck finding soloution :slight_smile:

To those asking for screenshots. This is literally all I can provide. I just Packaged the game as normal, and the Ue4 doc home page popped up.

I have same problem (except its im trying to package android game). Have you find solution?

Packaging Android games are very different, since they have different requirements to be built. In particular Android games require APKs in order to be built, and you also have to go through the processes of setting them up and accepting the licenses they impose.
But, when the browser with the documentation opens, what does your HTML address say? Your answer might help us both with the solution to this problem.

You need to install Visual Studio, one of the enabled plugins is requiring it.

Hello, this is my HTML :

Ah ha. I can see what the issue is now. The browser is trying to send us to URLs that don’t exist anymore that are meant to be showing us how to configure our engines to package our games. I can’t say for sure what you might require, but there is a step in setting up your package that you haven’t done yet. So try looking into what you might require in order to make an Android build. Particularly surrounding APKs

That’s strange, I think it was already installed. I will try updating it and I’ll get back to you.

What happened is that the UE4 is trying to package but doesn’t know how because it doesn’t have info on the packaging system. In my case, it is visual studio and there are 2 plugins that allow VS to package:
Visual Studio Code Integration
Visual Studio Integration

If these are turned off, you cannot compile and will get the help webpage.