Packaging method for a UE4 marketplace asset pack?


A quick question… We’re looking at the option of creating an asset pack for the unreal marketplace, and wondering about the project creation and packaging process. Had a look at the UE4 marketplace guidelines page, which says that the project should have a distribution method of asset pack, and had a look in the project settings packaging build configuration options, which only have development or shipping build options… Or do you have to create a separate asset pack project from the beginning?

So I was wondering if there is a UE4 documentation page that explains the project creation and packaging process for an asset pack? Or if anyone could give me a quick pointer on the project type to be created and packaging options to select to create a distributable asset pack suitable for the UE4 marketplace…

Many thanks

You need to send a Project File Link that navigates to a hosting site of your choose. For that you need to zip up the entire project and upload it.

Ok cool, thanks…

No Problem :slight_smile: