Packaging issues


so I’ve packaged the game in ETC1, works fine on new devices. On the play store even, great etc.

Now the thing is, some devices (One Plus One), LG G3 and older Samsung Tablets for example, have issues with this.

Multi packaging simply doesn’t work, it always crashes. Even when it contains only the ETC1 textures, still fails. All also fails.

What must I do?

Try Multi Packaging for ETC1 + PVRTC
Can you get less than 100Mb APK Size ?

Or you can try Publishing Multiple APKs :

It is smaller. Using an OBB file next to it. Yet it simply doesn’t work on any device. The ATC version alone works fine, the ETC1 version alone works fine.

Yet the multi file in general refuses to work on any device.

What kind of issues are you having with LG G3 and Samsung tablets with ETC1 ?

Black textures in the background, however in most instances the game crashes at the start/end of a level