Packaging issues


I package my game for Windows 32 bit, but I don’t get an exe or the one I do get does not start. In WindowsNoEditor>Engine>Binaries>Win32 there is what is supposedly the exe but when I start it I get an error which shows a long ■■■ path in which there must exist and contain DefaultEngine.ini which isn’t there. Also the other place where I start the game is an exe but it has a UE4 icon which is strange considering I changed the icon in the settings. The icon is 256x256 ico or whateva type is supposed to be. I’ve read the documentary and I see nothing which addresses this. Why has my icon not be applied and how do I fix these issues? How do I get DefaultEngine.ini thing? Also how do I change the name of the WindowsNoEditor folder? I tried in the path selector in the setting but it still creates it.

Thanks in advance!