Packaging Issues

I compiled UE4 from source and came back with no errors on version 4.1. The issue I’m having is that under “Package Project” option I only have Windows and iOS. How do I obtain HTML5, Linux, Android, PS4, and Xbox One? I know of course I can’t do anything with the console versions at this time but I would love to figure out how to set up the environment.

You can get access to Android by installing the TADP found in /Engine/Extras/Android.
Linux access requires using the GitHub source and installing the Linux toolchain.
PS4 and XboxOne are only available using the GitHub source and verifying that you are a registered developer with the platform manufacturer.
HTML5 is currently unsupported and experimental, and requires using the GitHub source.

Is there a guide on installing the Linux toolchain and HTML5? I created the engine using the GitHub source.

Check out this link Sharing and Releasing Projects for Unreal Engine | Unreal Engine 5.3 Documentation

How to use the cross-toolchain.

  • Set LINUX_ROOT environment variable to point to asbolute (Windows) path of the toolchain.
  • Restart Visual Studio and regenerate projects with UBT.


Add an environment variable (Control Panel->System->Advanced system settings->Advanced->Environment variables)
named LINUX_ROOT, value of which is the absolute path to your toolchain, without trailing backslash, like this:


After you made sure that variable is set, you can restart Visual Studio and regenerate UE4
project files (using GenerateProjectFiles.bat). After this, you should have “Linux” available
among Win32/Win64 configurations, and you should be able to cross-compile for it.

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