Packaging issues not errors

Hello Community, I am new on the board tho have worked with unreal 4 for 3 years as a solo dev so have learned alot and really want to contribute myself. This time I really need help, Thank you for your time.

So my project works in stand alone just fine. Sadly when I package it I am having issues with the build and feel it should be a simple fix due to my standalone working fine.

My project starts with 2 videos of my company that is ran on its own level and own HUD widget and has LEVEL BLUEPRINT code to open a new level that being my main menu level and so on.

The problem I’m having is my packaged build works per example.
I open up packaged build and it only shows one out of two videos then goes black screen like it doesn’t want to continue the process after only showing one video.

Any ideas how my stand alone version works fine tho not packaged?
Am I missing understanding how it changes levels?

The part that really bothers me is that those two videos are on the same level tho doesn’t play the second one so that doesn’t seem to be a level switch issue .

And when I try to just start with my main menu it doesn’t have the HUD. I’m thinking that might be a game mode issue maybe to reference HUD, I will look into that today.

Thanks for your time and look forward to creating a bridge between worlds. Thanks Again.