Packaging Issues - FMemory 2GB Limit


I’m working on a file that has a 1 story building spanning roughly 40K square feet, I intend to show the wider site for context but I’ll cross that bridge when i come to it, the internals of the building currently houses 1000’s of objects due to the nature of the project.
I have static lighting with roughly 300 point lights and everything has been UV mapped. I’ve also got most objects split into groups on different levels loaded into one persistent level.
Most advice from the forums and the answer hub say to split on to different levels but having done this there doesn’t seem to be any other answers.
I have the scene playing exactly as I’d like in the editor preview.

Has anyone else experienced this problem on a large scale project and know a way around it?

Thanks in advance.

For future reference, splitting onto levels works fine.

A work around to the issue for my project was to open a new project with no starter content and migrate my persistent level over to the empty project.
This purged all the unnecessary aspects of the project and it packaged fine.

May be worth trying this if you are encountering the same error.

Awesome thanks for the tip!