Packaging IOS Game

Hi i need help packaging my ios game and am running into all sorts of problems when trying to build.

Many Thanks :slight_smile:

On of my problems are listed below in the link (UE4 Answerhub)

Are you authoring on Windows? If so, that is going to be 90% of your issues. You will need a Mac to build anyway… so my recommendation is to do all of your keys, certificates and provisioning on the mac from the start - other wise you will continue to hit your head against the wall.

Gonna need more info that what you stated above to give you any clue on where to start.

Hi i am working in a windows environment but have sorted out mac remote build. I have successfully built my app before and it is currently in the app store but for some reason after the new unreal update it just doesn’t seem to build. I have also added the Epic leader board plugin which i think might have something to do with it.

Do you have discord ?