Packaging iOS DLC - for the love of god, why doesn't it work?

I’ve been attempting to package iOS DLC on and off for over a year. I’m basically sitting on a product ready for release, the client has been expecting me to release and for six months my only excuse has been “I can’t generate a manifest file.” This situation couldn’t be much worse. Any help pointers are appreciated.

My understanding of it is that you set up Project Launcher profiles for the main app and the DLC. Then you turn on HTTP chunk generation and any relevant options and build the app and then the DLC. In your http chunk target directory should be a manifest file and a directory structure with a pak file in it.

Except this never, ever works. Files are output to other directories but the http target directory is always empty.

There seems to be no way to generate iOS DLC. Is that the reality of it?

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