Packaging Game to Destop Problem

I was wondering how do you package your game into one file. Whenever I package my game it goes onto my desktop into a folder and whenever i drag out the exe file to launch the game, then when I open it, it pops up with a error message. But when I launch it inside the folder it works fine. This is a problem because I wanna upload my game onto gamejolt but I cant because of this.

Please someone help me :frowning:

please please

You can’t really do that. What you would have to do is create an installer for your game, and that could be a single .msi or .exe file etc. that the user will run and it will install the files to their computer, you can then set them to create shortcuts on the user’s desktop.

That’s probably the most user-friendly way. UDK used to create installers, but now you will need a seperate program to do it. Does Gamejolt specify what sort of file you have to upload?

They dont specify what sort of file. But, How do you create a msi launcher?

There’s a lot of programs available that can create the installer for you. Advanced Installer is easy to use and I believe there is a free version. Wix installer works too and is free. There’s others like Inno and NSIS, but they require scripting to set up, last time I used them.

Whenever I try to launch the installer and then run the .exe on the desktop it comes up with the same error message

Anything I can do about this?

Have you created an installer with one of the programs above? You can’t move the .exe from it’s folder, but you can create a shortcut to it wherever you want. Instead of moving the .exe, just create a shortcut to it on your desktop. Most installers will allow you to specify to do that automatically.

I actually got it to work by using inno! The game is now on gamejolt!