Packaging game for Microsoft Surface tablet

Hi! I’m not sure if this is posted int he correct place… well i’m pretty sure its not but i didn’t know where else to post it.
When i package my game for a 32 bit windows tablet and try and run it on the tablet i get this messege:

I’m just trying to test the games performance on a tablet device and this is the only tablet device I have at hand at the moment.

The packaged game is pretty much an executable with a couple of folders. Could this be why? Maybe there’s a way for me to package the game as a single .exe that is then used to install the game?

Any help would be cool!


Again I’m sorry if I’ve posted this in the wrong place!

“Microsoft Surface” is not a Windows PC. It’s just a tablet with a similar OS. It runs “Windows RT”.

“Microsoft Surface Pro” is a Windows PC that looks almost identical to “Microsoft Surface”, but also runs normal PC programs and games. It runs “Windows 8.1”.

UE4 doesn’t seem to support Windows RT packaging yet, though it looks like they’re considering it.

ahh ok, that makes sense!

Thanks a lot!

Resurrecting this thread, apparently I’m finding more people with Windows tablets. Recently one tried a recent build of mine and of course it ran poorly. But I have been building a game with tablet specs in mind (low polycount, small textures, small rooms etc.). Why can’t I just package it and it will work on a non-powerful small form factor machine?

This goes the same for cheap laptops as well, how does one make UE4 games for toasters? Can’t we just get the optimizations for Android and iOS and port back to Desktop? Sorry if this is a silly question, some pointers would be appreciated.

There’s probably still things that you are missing that you need to disable to improve performance. For example, most gaming computers run games at 1080p or less, but the Surface has a higher resolution than that which means that you should probably run the game at a lower resolution to get good performance.
Besides that, remember that those tablets are not designed to run games.