packaging game for Ludum Dare


I’ve just made a game for Ludum Dare. Apparently I should be able to package the game so that it’s playable in the browser. I’ve installed Python and emscripted and changed the config file accordingly, but when I try to package it just opens the web page with the instructions. Do I need to recompile the entire Unreal Engine from the sources?

Is it possible to package any kind of game to HTML5 or just Paper2D games?

You can find the sourcecode of my game here: Ludum Dare 33 | Ludum Dare



Hey Jaksa,

HTML5 games do not have to be only Paper2D. Basically any game that will run within the mobile previewer will also run on HTML5. Here is some documentation on Developing HTML5 Projects, you may want to look into Mobile Game Development too, to learn more about the mobile previewer.


I have the same deal. Go to package the HTML5 game and it just open the page that you linked Samantha. I assume its the emscripten version problem that I have seen in other posts but im not in urgent need so i figured I would just wait till 4.9 which seems should fix that problem.

I managed to fix the problem. Emscripten automatically updates to 1.34 when installed, you need to revert it to 1.29. Then instead of modifying the configuration file manually, you go to Project Settings -> HTML SDK (or somethings like that) and set the directories there.

I was able to package my game, but that lead only to opening a pandora’s box of additional issues: levels didn’t load, materials and particle effects dissapeared, lightning was awful and the mood I was so proud of was gone. I guess I was too optimistic thinking that I could just package my game as HTML and that it would work. I think that if you want a web game, you should make it so from the start, not port it afterwards. In that case UE4 might not be your first choice, but that’s fine, UE4 should focus on quality that I think simply can’t be achieved with WebGL.

Jaksa is right, 1.29 is the most stable version of emscripten at this time. Hopefully the release of 4.9 will fix most issues that you all are having with HTML5.