Packaging for Xbox One / PS4

We recently were granted access to the Xbox One XDK and PS4 SDK and now I’m trying to figure out how to package and/or launch my game for Xbox One. I have the XDK installed on my machine, but I don’t see any options in the UE Editor to package or deploy to Xbox One.

I am using the retail version of 4.10.2. Do I need to build from source or something like that?

you have to contact epic, they will provide the files needed to deploy/package for the consoles

checkout this link for instructions:

Hello! Could you help me?
If I’m a person who just want to test my Architectural Visualization in PS4 I also need this register? How can I get it? Does it take much? Thanks

You have to register with Sony, to be accepted as a developer you have to prove that you’re actually developing something worthwhile, so they’re not going to approve you just so that you can mess around with it. You have to be making a real project.

The blog post linked to above was from 2014. Is there now a binary version available?

I am also interested in how to test my project ( in development) on ps4 ? Should i record my packaged project on DVD since i am not sure that i can play project exe via usb on my ps4.

If your PS4 is a regular PS4, then you first must buy the DevKt. (after Sony accept you as a developer)
They are like table-top PCs, 3 USB ports on the front and some ugly led lights… And the, last time I’ve heard, each one cost around $3.000 USD and usage license for it expires :stuck_out_tongue: