Packaging for Winx64 fails

Unreal keeps failing to package my project. Packaging the Example Projects is no problem. I have not used visual studio yet. I am very new to the engine, and would be very grateful if someone could look over my logfile. As I understand the log, the engine is missing some files i either deleted or moved. but why can I still simulate the game then? The missing files are not really used anymore. Is there a way to tell that to the engine?

Thanks in advance!

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I figured it out!
I imported some data from another project. Because Unreal doesn’t support import of its own format (*.uasset) i did it in windows myself (per copy paste). Windows saw that some files were already there and named the new files “filename(2).uassset”. Unreal got reeeally angry about the brackets and refused to even show these files in its content browser, so i wasn’t aware of their existence.
The solution for me was to look at all the files in my projectfolder (in windows!) and remove any brackets. I left the 2 in the filename, to delete the duplicates later in unreal. But unreal is still a bit mad and doesn’t show the numbers, so i have to figure out which is the used file, if i want to tidy things up.

But hey! It packages, and I’m so relieved and happy about that dear engine <3