Packaging for Steam - easy optimization questions!

Hi folks. In the Steam documentation it says not to use compression or Unreal’s .pak files, but upload the whole uncompressed thing! So I’ve been doing that for my beta builds. The trouble is, when my game is downloaded from Steam, it has my uproject file, umaps, and pretty much everything else someone could just copy over and load up if they had Unreal installed on their machine. It’s unsettling so I want to make sure I can encrypt the chunks somehow. So…how do I do that on Steamworks? Anyone have any experience with this?

Also, is there a page/tutorial of how to optimize your project package so it doesn’t ship with unnecessary files that bloat the overall size?

@EchoHeadMatt Did you figure this out?

Yep. Just use .pak files. Steam automatically looks for changes WITHIN the .pak file, so update file size for the user is still as minimal as your changes.