Packaging for macOS (not iOS)

I have spent most of the day looking for information on this with little luck. So I’m building design reviews in the ColabViewer for internal user. Currently I just package up the Windows version of this and distribute to the participants. Some are in VR, some on flat screen; it’s been really well received.

But we have a number of people in creative that only have Macs and would like to participate in this (just flat screen, no VR). I thought this would be as easy as getting a Mac and packaging. So this morning I borrowed a MBP and things ground to a halt quickly. All the documentation I can find from Epic is centered on packaging for iOS and all the stuff that goes along with that, certs and provisions for mobile, etc. I do not ever want to put this on mobile or in the Mac app Store, just distribute internally. Is there any documentation on how to package just for macOS

I’d like to know this too!