Packaging for Android on UE4.25 loads documentation

I’m trying to package my project for Android multi, but it keeps opening the documentation instead. I’ve gone through my settings and I’m pretty sure I’ve got all the filepaths right. I’ve got the Android SDK installed at


which is also where I’ve got the “Location of Android SDK” set to in the project settings, as well as the NDK at


and Java

C:/Program Files/Java/jre1.8.0_251

both being set to their respective filepaths.

Both the SDK API level and NDK API level are set to latest, and I have Android Studio 3.5.3 installed at

C:/Program Files/Android/Android Studio

Can anyone tell me where I’m going wrong?

Have you accepted the license?

Yes, I’ve accepted the license and change the com.YOURCOMPANY stuff to my details

Have you installed lately codeworks after installed ndk from Androidsetup.bat? Because this error it’s most likely because you didn’t accepted the license or you didn’t added the ndk,sdk.
a few days ago I had the same problem. I’ve installed codeworks when already had installed ndk from androidsetup ( it should already work) but after that I had to remove codeworks, android studio, ndk, delete intermediate folder, saved and binaries to make it work again. Btw do some backup to your project

thats a bug, it means it couldnt find the correct version of the sdk, and unreal kind of sucks at looking, heres a tutorial on how to fix

That tutorial did the trick, thanks man :slight_smile: