Packaging for Android - Google Play - Don't update the version code

I uploaded the first APK game on Google Play Console in “alpha test” but when I try to upload an updated version of the same game it tells me the error:

"You need to use another version code for your APK or Android App Bundle because you already have one with version 1 code."

I tried to update the version code in the “android” panel of the project setting and I checked that it is correct also in the file AndroidManifest.xml

I noticed that when I export a new version of the game with a new APK the modification date of my newly created file remains that of the first APK I created, it never updates, as if I did not export a new APK file and I believe it is this the problem.

I also tried to select the “Full Rebuild” item in the Packaging Setting but I have not solved anything.

Do I have to generate a new key every time I package a new version of the game or do I always have to use the same one? Could this be why it doesn’t update?

Could anyone help me?

Thank you

What you have to do is to go in UE4 in the menu:
Edit > Project settings > Android
And change the value from the field: Store version