Packaging Failure

Log.txt (671.4 KB)

I keep getting a packaging failure with my game. I attached the error log. Can you help me understand what is going wrong here? Thank you for your time and help.

In your log, it says that there are many textures that need an update on their GUID. Check your log from line 1508 to 4752. It lists all the texture assets that need a new GUID. So, the way you would solve the errors is:

Open each problematic texture asset in Unreal, edit them (e.g. change a property and revert it) and save them. (You can do batch edit on multiple texture assets by selecting them all, right-clicking on them and using Asset Actions->Bulk Edit via Property Matrix)

Once you have edited and saved each problematic asset, all these errors should be gone.

Another error that I saw in your log was this one (Line 4932 in your log)
UATHelper: Packaging (Windows (64-bit)): ERROR: Couldn’t find target rules file for target ‘TwinStickShooter’ in rules assembly ‘UE4Rules, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null’.

You can use the solution from the link below for it:

These 2 things should get rid of all the errors and you should be able to make a clean and working build.

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I was able to change the textures. I had to restart before it for it to not give those errors again, but it worked.

I’m not sure I’m following the solution in the link for the other error though. I have a Source folder with two .cs files: SylvieAlpha.Target.cs and SylvieAlphaEditor.Target.cs. Opening the files, it calls the class TwinStickShooterTarget. TwinStickShooter was the name of a previous version of this project, could that be part of the problem? The solution page also mentioned looking at other files to see what it should look like. I noticed that this project is my only project with a Source folder. Other projects which I have packaged don’t seem to have a Source folder. Which seems odd to me. Any further guidance you could provide would be appreciated.

I’m down to this last issue. Does any of this info help?

I did some experimentation, and it looks like only my 4.24 projects have Source folders. Most of my other projects are in 4.26 and don’t work that way apparently. The project in question is 4.24 though.

Yeah you should replace “TwinStickShooter” with “SylvieAlpha” everywhere. That should work. You must have started with the TwinStickShooter UE4 template project and then changed the name to your game’s name right? When you do that, you have to replace all the instance of “TwinStickShooter” in all the code files with your new project name.

Is it only the instances where there are quotes? I swapped out “TwinStickShooter” with “SylvieAlpha” in those locations I mentioned above, but I still get the original error. “ERROR: Couldn’t find target rules file for target ‘TwinStickShooter’ in rules assembly”

Another odd thing I found was that when I change the name in the .uproject, it tells me the version has changed when I try to open the file.

You will have to replace all the instances of TwinStickShooter with SylvieAlpha. That includes the TwinStickShooterTarget too. Change it to SylvieAlphaTarget.
Check your defaultengine.ini and defaultgame.ini files (In the config folder), you might find TwinStickShotter there too, change it to SylvieAlpha there.
And yes, Unreal will give you the version change message because you made changes to the target.cs file. It’s fine. Once you replace all the instances of TwinStickShooter with SylvieAlpha, you will be able to rebuild the project successfully.

Also, if you are on discord just add me there. I can just help you out there. I have sent you my discord name in a private message. We should be able to solve your issue faster on Discord.