Packaging failure :( Need help!

Sorry if I’m addressing in the wrong place but I have a real pain packaging project.I was supposed to present an architectural scene to the client but I keep getting failed packaging every time I try to do that (Windows x64).
Here are my error logs. I’d really appreciate Your help because I’m stuck with the work I’ve been preparing for months… I’m fairly new to UE4 and I don’t cover all the naming etc. so far, but maybe someone will help me understand where the problem is.

Did you fix redirectors? I had a similar set of errors the first time I tried to package and I resolved it by opening the browser tree to the far left of the editor UI, right clicking the root “Content” folder and then clicking on the fix redirectors option. It might take a minute or two, and then you can try cooking and packaging again.

Thanks Neoptolemus.
Just did it. Unfortunately I’m still getting the same errors…
By the way, should I alway build lighting before packaging or save the file? Could it be that my project files are on external server and not on my hard disk?