Packaging fails because UE4 redeclares it's own internal code

I am trying to package up my first plugin for my personal use between my various learning projects. I created a new project and created a new plugin and then created 2 classes which all compile without errors. Great.

Time to create the package. keep in mind that my classes are made entirely by me, use no other dependencies (apart from the one class containing a Map of the other) and both derive directly rom UObject so there is no lower base class it can possibly derive from… But this is the error I get when I try to package the plugin:

UATHelper: Package Plugin Task (Windows):   D:/Programs/Unreal/UE_4.27/Engine/Plugins/Media/PixelStreaming/Source/PixelStreaming/Public/PixelStreamingSettings.h(121) : Error: Member variable declaration: 'PixelStreamerDefaultCursorClassName' cannot be defined in 'PixelStreamingSettings' as it is already defined in scope 'Class /Script/PixelStreaming.PixelStreamingSettings' (shadowing is not allowed)

Why am I being prevented from packaging up my code due to code I am not even using being redeclared by the engine itself? Do I need to go modify the EU4 source in order to get my plugin to compile? That sounds like a bug someone would have picked up on before now…

Am I the only person on the planet that gets this error about UE4 redeclaring it’s own classes?
That seems really unlikely and yet, here we are…

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EDIT: So I took the drastic measure and opened up PixelStreamingSettings.h and simply commented out all the UProperties in the class. Compiling gives no errors and packaging up my plugin now continues past this point… but now it is complaining that Android is not a valid target. Is this normal? All I want to do is package up 2 classes that I wrote as they are going to be the foundation for future packages that I write and thus I want them to be permanently available. Why is (apparently) every single source file in the engine being tested against every build platform before it can place those 4 files into a zip (or whatever format it goes into)? Is this normal?