Packaging failed problem

Hello. I have a problem with packaging. Please help.

Are you able to open that log it mentions near the bottom? It might give more details to the problem

Unfortunately I am not able to open it. I don’t get this message from the very bottom anymore but I found something suspicious.

There is a line:

“Nie mo�na otworzy� pliku kompilator po�redni: 'C:\Oski2019\Projects\Henry’s Son 4.27 �?”

I translated it into English about I came up with this:

“Can’t open the file with the intermediate compiler: 'C:Oski2019ProjectsHenry’s Son 4.27 �?”

It mentions some kind of intermediate compiler.

Now this has appeared

Are you running out of space? Last time I encountered this problem is because my hard disk was low on space.

I currently have one 1tb ssd drive. I still have 300gb of free space.