"Packaging failed!" no matter what I do

Any time I try to package a project it fails and when I check the logs, it says “Unknown error”. It used to work but since I switched to 4.14 it isn’t packaging on any version but its probably not because of the version.

I’ve tried: | 4.14: Windows 64 bit, HTML 5 | 4.13: Windows 64bit

I’ve also tried to package Epic’s “BlueprintOffice” (Un-edited) on 4.14 and it still comes up with an unknown error.

- 4.14 Windows 64bit package fail example

Your build logs are full of these messages

UATHelper: Packaging (Windows
(64-bit)): UnrealBuildTool: ERROR:
Windows SDK v8.1 must be installed in
order to build this target.

which hints you didn’t install c++ with your VS installation. VS2015 doesn’t install c++ by default.

It worked! I just opened the VS2015 installer and enabled Modify>Programming Languages>Visual C++